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#include "hex.h"

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namespace  hex


Direction hex::to_direction (char c) throw (hex::invalid_argument)
char hex::to_char (Direction d)
Direction & hex::operator+= (Direction &d, int i)
Direction hex::operator+ (const Direction &d, int i)
Direction & hex::operator++ (Direction &d)
 Prefix increment.
Direction hex::operator++ (const Direction &d, int)
 Postfix increment.
Direction & hex::operator-= (Direction &d, int i)
Direction hex::operator- (const Direction &d, int i)
Direction & hex::operator-- (Direction &d)
 Prefix decrement.
Direction hex::operator-- (const Direction &d, int)
 Postfix decrement.
std::ostream & hex::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Direction &d)
std::string hex::rotate (const std::string &steps, int i)
 steps is a string of characters A-F, representing a set of Directions.

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